Make Room for $$

5 days of clearing out what's holding you back

Did you set a New Years Resolution to become more organized with $$, but didn't know where to start?

Do you feel like you're drowning in a sea of paper?

Do you look at your email inbox and wish for the days when it was nearly empty except for cute/annoying stories forwarded by your aunt and creepy scams? And now you can't even find them for the avalanche of marketing mail you're getting?

Do you want to see more money in your bank account this year? But you are clueless on what to do to make that happen?

Do you want to be successful with your finances, easily, without extreme strategies or expensive apps?

This Free 5-day course shows you how to go from chaos to stream-lined financial organization with your digital and paper systems.  

The secret is in understanding the underlying reasons for our behavior and removing things that block us from making financial decisions, on purpose and on track with our goals.

Some of these behaviors and their solutions will probably surprise you. 

"Really?! That is causing my problems with money?" 

Um, yes... 

But that's ok, because it is all the little, "not-worth-noticing" habits that sabotage us and keep us from creating the life we want, free of financial stress.

I'll walk you through how to automatically set yourself up for success... pretty much all the time!  

After 5 days you'll feel the difference. First in attitude, second in energy, and third in Results! 

Financial independence and prosperity begin with organization.... Always. 

What is NOT inside the course?

You will not find lessons about woo-woo strategies that will magically cause money to appear out of thin air.

No A-Z "fix every money problem you have" solutions. 7 billion people in the world, 1 size-fits-all solution? Yeah right.

No unrealistic stories about how I went from $0 to a million dollars in just 6 months or 1 year.

No advice about the latest and sure-fire ways to do sophisticated investing as seen on CNN.

I won't be giving you secrets of how to live off-the-grid in a tiny house in the middle of nowhere.

Nope, none of that... 

Instead, each day for 5 days you'll receive a new lesson in your inbox. Every lesson is carefully designed with a simple, actionable step you can take right then, with little to no prep, that will clear out what's holding you back.

What will you learn?

How to organize the paperwork side of your financials

What to save, what to store, and what to toss out

Which parts of your financials should be done digitally

What is triggering your spending habit and how to stop it

Common mistakes people make when it comes to money

The truth behind why we all hate budgets. And how to build one so that you LOVE using it! 

Who am I, and how do I know?

I'm Wendy, the brains and heart behind Money | Organized. I teach moms how to become experts in family finance and navigate the economy for their family's benefit.

I'm a mom of 5, spreadsheet wrangler, systems extraordinaire, master of More Life with Less. When it comes to family finances, I have had lots of experience! 

Most of all I love to show other moms how to become confident and competent with their Numbers. 

I'm going to teach you all the wisdom and insight I gained from navigating the ups and downs of the economy all while growing my family fearlessly.

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